Children’s Painting Catalog

Painting Selection Options

All of the paintings in this section are designed for a Children’s class or birthday party.  They are formatted to fit 11 x 14″ canvas.  Choose your favorite painting and schedule your private event today. We have organized our painting selection options in this page to assist you in planning your child’s birthday party.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call us directly at 863-409-5771 or email us any time at  No question is too small, we are here to help.

Don’t see something you like, then inquire about our custom painting option to make your event a-one-of-a-kind event.  We will gladly work with you on designing your special  painting for your special event.

The Slide Show shows you some of our most popular children’s paintings.  Just keep scrolling to see full catalog.




kidsbold_beauty-2 kidscat_in_the_rain kidsgoldfish_in_lotus_bowl   kidskitty-cat_watching_the_moon kidsmoonlight kidsmy_friend_owl kidspanda_in_the_poppies kidspretty_pony kidsqueen_bee cc41-_puppy_love cc42-_baby_penguin cc38-_tower_of_light cc36-_mix_and_match_mermaid kidsshy_racoon kidspurple_owl kidsrichard_the_artistic_squirrel kidssunrise_sunset kidsstarry_night_in_paris kidstrixie_the_unicorn cc22-_red_eyed_tree_frog cc23-_oliver_the_octopus cc24-_freddy_and_a_friend cc27-_paradise_palms cc33-_summer_of_dolphins cc34-_tie-dye_dragonfly cc35-_blue_owl        cc26-_day_at_the_beachchilds_christmas_1-_holiday_penguin cc37-_cute_sqirrel childrens_class_a_puppy_for_christmas childs_christmas_christmas_cat childs_easter1-_easter_bunny