Gold Painting Catalog

Gold Painting Catalog is designed to be used with an Adult Regular Party.  Silver Painting Selections are also designed to be used with an Adult Regular Party.  Gold Paintings are more detailed then the Silver Painting Selections and involve more complex painting techniques. Normally Gold Paintings are closer to 3 hours, however there is no way to determine this since we paint at 80% of your group’s paint speed.  Classes can be shorter or longer depending on your group.


The Slider shows you some of our most popular Paintings.  For full catalog scroll below the slider.




goldbok_tower goldfull_moon goldlighthouse_on_a_hill   goldparadise_palms dolphindive  GoldenCrush YoungBull   goldrocking_rooster  goldsailing_to_paradise  goldhappy_hummingbirds goldpeacock_on_the_balcony    goldstarfish-and-sand-dollar  goldsummer_of_dolphins  goldthat_dress  goldtower_of_light  goldturtle_dreams  goldwhite_herons  goldwine_nook goldblazing_sunset  goldbright-winter-beach  goldpelican goldsailing_in_the_moonlight  goldfall-fairy  goldhibiscius-and-humming-bird goldbeautiful_florida  goldcat-on-halloween-night    goldsnowman  home-for-the-holidays  gold1-halloween-night  gold1-haunted-mona-lisa

                goldangel_fish sunset-and-silhouette-too    goldcolorful_sea_turtle goldcrystal_lagoon golddawn_of_our_love golddiving_sea_turtle goldgalaxy-sunset goldgentle_giant goldgone_fishin goldharvest_rooster   goldlion-heart goldmemories-of-summer goldmidnight_stroll_through_paris goldmorning_skies goldnight_of_the_fireflies goldoceanview goldpink_lotus_flowers goldsecret_beach goldsunset_and_sails goldsunset-dock goldtogether-with-you-1  holy-night