Making Art-ertainment

Time Lapsed Art Videos by Paint Along Studios

Enjoy these time-lapsed videos giving you a sneak peak into how the art pieces come together from start to finish. The art shown is designed by artist here at Paint Along Studios. First, we have the filming of the art. Although, the videos are only a few minutes long in most cases it is important to know for reference that each minute is about 15-20 minutes of actual painting. All in all, each time lapsed video is a way to create an animation out of the painting process. For the most part, all the videos shown involved paintings done with acrylic paint.

Making some Splatter Paintings

As the name suggest “splatter paintings” involve well splattering paint everywhere. While, the process may appear simple, there is still a lot that goes into it. First, you want to make sure you decide on a color scheme prior to starting. Secondly, there is a controlled element to the madness. Different “splats” if you will can be created based on the technique and or objects you used to create the splatter be it your brush or other objects. You can purchase your own reproduction art piece at our Zazzle Store.


Video showcasing some ART Animation (Red & Wolf)

This time-lapsed vide showcases out of our Special Valentine’s date night classes.  It was a diptych painting where one paints one painting and the other paints the other.  Likewise, they share a theme that allows the differences to create a larger image when joined together.  We used the time-lapse animation to create a commercial for the event. 


Video showcasing some ART Animation (The Tree Sprouted)


The remaining videos below showcase different paintings that were taught in our art classes.  While we are not doing in person art classes anymore, remember that we still offer our FREE ONLINE ART CLASSES that can be found on this website and in our Youtube Page.  Remember to like and subscribe.




Video showcasing some ART Animation (Layering technique video)