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Welcome to our FREE catalog of online acrylic paint art classes!!   That’s right, Free!  Learn how to paint in the same style, with better techniques then you would find at paint and sip places like Painting with a Twist* and Paint Nite*.  In addition, you can now bring the all the fun and creativity with you.  In other words, the art studio is now wherever you call home.

Each video by Paint Along Studios will provide you with a list of paints and materials needed to complete each acrylic paint art class for your convenience.  Furthermore,  keep in mind that each uses a 16 x 20 inch canvas.  Please use the same size canvas to match the dimensions taught in the video.   Playback  is  easy to follow and can be watched on your Iphone, Android,  Tablet, or Smart tv.  Just follow the link by clicking on the painting and make sure you have the YouTube* app installed on your viewing device.  On your Smart TV just open the YouTube app and search @paintalongstudios.  As always, remember to like and subscribe!!

Furthermore, you can say goodbye to feeling rushed because others in the class are too fast, or bored because others are too slow.  Now you can focus on just having fun and enjoy some you time.  Feel free to paint the class as many times as your want until you get it just right. If practiced each video can help you improve your painting technique. Use it for fun or as a learning tool.   Best of all, it is FREE and available to you 24 hours a day.

Donations are welcomed

Remember to share with all your family and friends.  With your viewing support we would love to continue to add more and more classes. Eventually, building a great art lover community with more amazing art classes based on your request and suggestions.

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Thanks in advance and Happy Painting!!

Click on any Image to load the Free online acrylic art classes

Free online acrylic art class.  Wine Nook by Paint Along Studios an acrylic painting of a rustic table with wine bottle paired next to  grapes and cheese artistically displayed.      Quiet Koi Fish by Paint Along Studios is a painting of a single white and orange spotted koi fish swimming in a semi-murky pond amongst 3 lily pads.

Free online acrylic art class.  Water Dancer by Paint Along Studios, is a picture of a heron making a gentle ascend from small waterway, creating little artistic splashes.      Sunset Creek captures the silhouette of marshland trees among the contrast of a beautiful sunset.

 Fall is here, is a stylized painting of a birch  tree during fall. Captures wonderful hues of orange and yellow with a contrasting skyline.   Free online acrylic art class. Crystal Lagoon, captures the tranquil mist of a lagoon. Surrounded  by tropical lush and cascading palm trees with a picturesque bright moon guiding your eyes around the lagoon.

Free online acrylic art class. Flirting with Danger is a painting that contrast shadows and light.  The proverbial battle or good and evil as  described by the mysterious wonder of the deep sea angler fish and jelly fish orchestrating a dangerous flirtatious dance.     Sea Turtle in the Reef is a whimsical painting of a sea turtle  and angel fish.  It provides stylized depth of realism in a 2 dimensional painting for simplicity invoking artistic licenses.

Free online acrylic art class. Golden Crush is a painting that uses a lot of contrasting shadows and light to bring about a realistic look and feel to this sea turtle's crashing adventures in the sea.       Love Birds, is a very stylized painting working with silhouettes that makes good use to light and shadow effects.

Free online acrylic art class.  Sandals on the beach brings to life the child like simplicity, relaxation, and joy of a carefree day in the beach where washed up shells and starfish provide and endless wonder.

*YouTube, Painting with a twist, and Paint Nite have no association with Paint Along Studios and were mentioned purely for instructional or comparative meaning.